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Video Production and Live Streaming

Video is great at telling a story or selling concepts and ideas. They are also extremely effective in delivering tutorials and "how to's" for anything, from home DIY, to how to play a computer game. I offer Video Production services to help with exactly that - delivering creative video content directly from you to your users.

Commonly used for virtual events and live entertainment, Live Streaming is amazing for real time audience feedback and participation. There are many platforms out there that target different audiences , as well as different applications that deliver various types of content. I can work with you to ensure you get the most out of your virtual event.

How I can help with Video Production

  • Production of Tutorial and Instructional Videos
  • Gameplay recording
  • Editing, trimming, adding special effects and transitions
  • Adding soundtracks

How I can help with Live Streaming

  • Advice on the type of platform to stream to depending on your target audience.
  • Production - scene production, scene switching, video, sound.
  • Pre and post event organisation and testing.

How I do this

  • Proficient with Adobe Premier Pro, After Effects and Hitfilm Express
  • Proficient with Microsoft Teams, OBS, XSplit, Zoom
  • Knowledgeable of key production techniques
  • Knowledgeable of technical requirements - bandwidth, bitrates, encoding
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