Cloud Services Technical Assistance

Remote working. Video conferencing. Instant messaging. Faster and more readily available internet connectivity. APIs. Welcome to The Cloud.

All industries have embraced the cloud in some way, and the creative industry is no different. 

With experience in Microsoft Office365 deployments and support, Adobe Creative Cloud licensing and support and other cloud services, I can help you get the most out of your cloud deployment.

Remote Working and Collaboration

We live in a mobile world. Remote working and collaboration has never been more popular. 

Video conferencing and Instant Messaging has never been more available than it is now, while file sharing capabilities have become far more user friendly than before. With cross platform compatibilities, it matters less what operating systems and devices your users work with than what it used to.

I can help you deploy, support and manage a remote working environment that allows team members to keep in communication no matter where they are, share resources seamlessly, all in a secure environment.

APIs and Web Development

Many web services out there today offer APIs that allow your web applications to connect to their data services. Many of the large cloud service providers also allow connectivity between their services, allowing better integration and centralisation of business processes.

With experience of many of the cloud service providers and web development experience, I can help you plan, configure and deploy cloud solutions that connects to the data you need, where you need it.

How I can help with Remote Working and Collaboration

  • Experience with deploying and providing support for Microsoft Office365 solutions, including Microsoft Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive.
  • Experience with Adobe products, including Creative Cloud and Creative Cloud for Teams.
  • Certified Microsoft Professional, CIW Certified Web Professional

How I can help with APIs and Web Development

  • Certified CIW Certified Web Professional with both front and back end development experience using HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, MySQL, NodeJS and MongoDB.
  • Experience with working with and deploying solutions based on different services and APIs from many of the modern cloud service providers.
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