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Web Design and Development

Look at the web however way you want, but there is no doubt that it has changed the world as we know it in the last twenty years. It's accessible from almost everywhere, and almost everyone uses it to educate, inform, consume and communicate. That's why a Web presence is essential. I've been working with the Web for over ten years now, and with this experience I can offer you a professional Web Design and Development service.

How I can help with Web Design and Development

  • User Experience and User Interface design
  • New website builds or expanding on existing builds
  • Personal / Commercial / Informational Sites / Blogs / E-Commerce
  • Bug fixing
  • Building bespoke code snippets
  • Digital Content and Social Media integration

How I do this

  • Trained and certified HTML5, CSS3 and JS Designer / Developer
  • Experienced with JQuery and Bootstrap Frameworks
  • 10 years experience of developing WordPress, ExpressionEngine or custom platform solutions to various clients in a range of industries.
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