Freelance Technical and Creative Services

- Looking to setup, rebrand or expand your web or social media presence?

- Wanting advice, consultancy or support for your next IT project?

- Seeking additional talent towards your next creative digital project?

With a career that started in sales and marketing in his families retail business that evolved into 13 years experience in working in IT, Web Design and Development, Social Media, Video and Audio Content Creation, Mat has a unique understanding of business needs in todays modern world of technology.

Friendly, professional, creative and certified, Mat is here to help you.

Tools of the Trade

For Web, Video and Graphics, I use Adobe products for practically everything. This is because their products are not only industry standard, but are also designed to work seamlessly with each other. Which they do. 
For Music Production, I use Ableton and Reason Studios. Ableton and Reason Studios gives me an incredible amount of flexibility when producing for any genre, for any requirement. 

Hardware wise, I use a Nektar Panorama P6 which integrates amazingly well with both products, with Sennheiser Gaming X and M-Audio AV30s for sound.
To build websites, I use everyone's favourite Content Management System (CMS), WordPress. I use it because it is flexible for designers and developers, and easy to use for end users. I like to use Oxygen Builder, but I have experience with a vast range of WordPress tools.
Microsoft has been a leading software provider for many years for both domestic and commercial use. 

As a certified Microsoft Professional, I have 12 years experience of deploying Microsoft products to a variety of home and business customers. More recently, I have been involved with a number of Office365 migrations, as well as providing technical support and consultancy for new and existing users.
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